Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service Repair Packages

By the mid 1990’s, there was a dramatic increase in the number of cars that had Air Conditioning fitted (often just referred to as ‘air-con’. These days almost every car has it fitted as standard. Although it is known for it’s ability to cool in Summer, it is also very efficient at de-misting windscreens during the winter months often when there’s rain. However, like all things mechanical, air conditioning needs to be serviced regularly, otherwise it will become less efficient and use more fuel to achieve the same result, or it will stop working completely.

Package 1 | System Check: Visual & Functionality Check

  • AC Switch and recirculation switch operation.
  • Heater and controls.
  • Evaporator unit for obnoxious odours.
  • Compresser engagement (& noise level).
  • Compresser belt condition.
  • Pipework and Condenser for damage and obstructions.
  • Cabin filter condition

Package 2 | Service – Recharge: All of Package 1 Plus:

  • Removal from the AC System.
  • Vacuum test and recharge of AC System with the correct amount of R134a Refrigerant and Oil.
  • If the system is low on refrigerant a UV Dye Test will be carried out.

See Package 3 – Service Plus for details.

Package 3 | Service Plus: All of Packages 1 & 2 Plus:

  • Replacement of receiver dryer if necessary.
  • Replacement of cabin filter if necessary.
  • Any other additional work required.
  • Injection of UV Dye and Leak Test.
  • Carry out anti-bacterial treatment.

Plus parts and VAT – Subject to Vehicle make and model.

Air Conditioning Compressor Supply and fit available – subject to vehicle make and model.

Civic Motoring Services | Air Conditioning – Servicing & Recharging

The average air conditioning unit uses at least 1hp (often much more) to run, so use wisely as it consumes more fuel and can drain power – particularly noticeable with smaller engines.

Remember – Civic Motoring Services operate a ‘Menu Pricing’ system. You will know exactly how much your vehicle will cost to repair, service etc. Which means: No Hidden Charges!